June Pale

Pale gone Amber, in glass on my desk

I know it doesn’t look like a pale. I blame the Light malt extract, instead of the extra light.

That’s OK! It’s just color and a little more caramel in the middle of the beer. I ain’t mad about it. I’m a little less enamored with my efforts to get some homes in the nose. I would’ve thought that a 1.5 ounces with five minutes left in the boil would do the trick. I may need to ask some people about that one, because while this beer isn’t bad it doesn’t have some of the sensory qualities I associate with a pale.

Brew Date: 6.12.22

Steeping grains
3.5 lb 6 row
3.5 lv Toasted pale 2
1 lb Munich

Fermentables: 4 lb Light Malt Extract

@60 1 oz Mt Hood, 1oz Warrior
@30 .5 oz Warrior
@5 1oz Mt hood, .5 oz Warrior

Yeast: Imperial Flagship (3rd use)

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.012

Bottled: 6/23

ABV: 6.8%


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