Common Ales: Ninkasi’s Solar Cruiser

Ninkasi's Solar Cruiser in a glass on kitchen countertop, next to a bottle of Solar Cruiser.

The nose is nice but I can’t place it. A little floral? It’s not very strong, at least to my senses. When I read the label, the tasting notes suggest melon and that clicks; a flavor I’ve never been really high on, nor sensed very well. I don’t hate this but it doesn’t leave much impression.

I pick the melon up more in the middle of the beer. There’s also a bready quality from the malts, which helps offset the finishing bitterness, which is crisp but strong. It doesn’t linger long but I definitely know it’s there.

It’s a solid beer but it’s mining flavors I don’t like. It’s refreshing, but it isn’t for me.


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