Common Ales: Pfriem’s Hazy IPA

Note: this is how it is done. You tell me it’s a hazy, and I now expect certain things, so I don’t feel screwed out of my money.

Nose is excellent; like getting a grapefruit twist-oil off the skin. That’s quite different than my typical experiences with the style.

The middle though doesn’t seem to have a lot of body, which leaves the finish on this beer. And it tilts just a smidge too far into pith for my liking.

Despite that, I am noticing some complexity, too.. There isn’t just grapefruit, but also a bit of lemony sweetness in there as well. I might just be picking up a little lime, too? This is wild for me, having that kind of dimension in this beer.

Am I 100% in on this beer? No, but do I recommend it, especially for people who like or are on the fence about the style? Absolutely! It will give you something to chew on, one way or another.


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