Front Porch Chats #114/Second Pint ALA

Tough As A Mother IPA from Single Hill brewing in glass on table outdoors

The Tough As A Mother IPA from Single Hill brewing leads with a burst of orange, like I’ve just peeled one. But despite this excellent first impression, the beer isn’t working for me. I’m not picking anything up in the middle and the finish is very fizzy with a pith like bitterness.

Still, proceeds went to the Pink Boots Society, so I can’t feel too bad about getting a can. And it’s a cold beer on a hot day-Summer has crashed into Portland with the force of a Hulk punch-and sometimes a cold beer is good, even when it’s bad.

This week has been a lot, I have to say. Any illusions I had about being governed by a majority are eradicated. Most of my friends see the writing on the wall very clearly: there are cruel people in power and they are coming for the protections of the LGBTQ+ community.

And those cruel bastards won’t stop there. Jewish friends: nervous. Black & Brown friends: nervous. Weirdos: nervous. Women: nervous and angry.

Actually nervous and angry probably groups damn near everyone I know.

I think the cruel want a war (a thing they do not understand the impact of) and I am deeply frightened that they’re going to get one. That’s what they’re telling us, and one thing that has been firmly established after 2016 it is that when someone tells you who they are, believe them.

It doesn’t have to be like this, of course. We shouldn’t have to talk about an Underground Railroad for healthcare for women. Christofascism is a word that, like billionaires, shouldn’t exist.

Here we are though. We take care of us. We have to: it is clear that the systems once designed to do so have failed.

None of that makes me happy, understand. I was hoping we’d be able to work on the next generation of problems, instead of our grandparent’s. I was hoping to be a writer, have beer, play games, kiss people who thought I was worth kissing.

I suppose those things can still happen, but the other things have to happen, too.

Because we deserve better.

Today’s second pint goes to the American Lung Association. A friend is doing a fundraiser for them, and I’m contributing to her goals.


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