Front Porch Chats #112

The Bruery’s Ruekeller Dunkel in glass on windowsill.

The Bruery’s Ruekeller Dunkel on deck today. With a faint caramel nose, coupled with a faint roasted quality, this dunkel makes itself pretty easy to drink. Nothing too intense on the finish, this is probably a good swiggin’ beer. You take big ol’ drinks of this, and maybe hold the glass just below your eyeline as you stare down some dingus.

Then you realize the dingus isn’t worth your time and go back to the beer.

An old friend left town this week; we were roommates for thirteen years, dated for ten, split up for eight, and if that math doesn’t add up to you, all I can say is: don’t worry about it. The numbers matter a lot less than the absence of someone who I relied on.

But it was time for her to fly and as with any absence, the first impulse is to make it about me and what I’m missing. However, the heartful thing to do is to say that she is on the road to a life she’s been working towards for a long time. She’s more than earned it.

I can’t say I’m happy to see her leave. But I can say that I am happy she is getting something she has wanted for so long. It is a good thing to be happy for your friends: sometimes that is where the only joy is coming from. Compersion, I suppose.

Might as well take it, you know?

Me, I’m going to be alright. Things need to end if you’re ever going to start over. And here I am, starting over. Sorta. Not exactly.

It’s complicated, the math here. All I can say is: don’t worry about it. The numbers work out.

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