Common Ales: Block 15’s Joy pale

I think the question Block 15’s Joy pale is wants to ask is: will people like a hazy pale ale, as opposed to a hazy IPA.

Block 15's Joy pale ale, in glass on desk, next to a can of same

Because it’s playing all the notes of a hazy IPA; grapefruit nose, cloudy ale, sweeter body. The finish is a bit different, going for a dry feel, maybe similar to a white wine but not so far as an english cider.

What I’ll say here is that: the Joy pale isn’t playing those notes as intensely as hazy IPAs do. The resulting beer has citrus juice qualities but are reeled in and balanced by a bitterness that seems appropriate for the beer.

I’m actually a touch impressed. I still don’t think this beer is for me; I am just not fond of juice ales, but this beer is far more drinkable than I would expect and I would certainly recommend it to someone who likes the notion of hazy IPAs but find they’re just too much.

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