Front Porch Chats #104

It’s a cool April evening with an Out Cold from Brick West Brewing. I’d brought this beer back from Spokane with the intention of writing about it for the Common Ales series but life has been a little busy to make time for such an event.

Brick West Brewing's Out Cold IPA in a glass on a table outside

And it’s my last can of it anyway. This is a ‘Cold IPA” and while I can’t say the term means much to me-I hear it as marketspeak not as an actual style unto itself, but that might just be cynicism kicking in-I can tell you that it’s got some work to do.

They beer is citrus in the nose, tilting towards lime and the beverage itself lines up with that, mostly. The finish is very crisp, almost reminding me more of a Pilsner than an IPA. It’s also a little…sharp on the finishing bitterness. Medicinal. I can’t quite get behind that.

I suppose this might be best after a longish day of work, or in the late shade of a summer evening. I’m not objecting to it now, understand. Just visualizing where the Out Cold could be its best self.

Being their best self is something I wish more people would put some time thinking about. Maybe that focus would lead people to notice things they hadn’t before, start paying attention to all the little ways that they are unkind. Or redirect their attention from being unkind to the vulnerable and instead on themselves.

I won’t say it’s easy. I will confess to sitting on my laurels in many aspects of life, but when it comes to ‘how can I be a better person’, that is one space I don’t seem to find any rest in. There is rarely a ‘fuck it, we’ll fix it in post’ button for being a better person. At least for me.

But damnit, there absolutely has to be a better way to live than looking at any class of vulnerable people-be they queer, or Black or Brown, or Muslim, or disabled or whatever-and thinking: fuck those people.

They deserve better-and so do we.

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