The State of Things

The local weekly paper has their annual craft beer roundup to go along with the Oregon Beer Awards, which they sponsor. And which I help out on!

Tiny plastic glasses, stacked up in boxes

Here is a picture of almost all of the glasses that were prepped and used for just the first weekend (there were two) of judging for the awards. There were over 1000 beers that were judged over two weekends and let me tell you, that is A LOT of beer.

I bring this up in part because hey, I think I participated in a cool thing. But also because while I was doing it, multiple judges thanked me for my work. It struck me, again, that none of this is possible without the efforts of a great many people and in this instance I am just one helper in a crowd of many.

One of the organizers thanked me for my work and I told her it wasn’t work. “This is me helping my friends.”

Which is a nice way to think about it, because standing on concrete for 8 hours a day for two weekends makes me sore.

But also, it makes me wish I could think about, or have the same help, when it comes to, say, any form of house maintenance that I do not understand. Which is most of it.

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