Front Porch Chats #102

Letting a Father of All Tsunamis from Pelican brewing warm up on the table, while I get down my thoughts for today. (It’s a stout aged in rye barrels).

Pelican brewing: Father of All Tsunamis stout, in glass on table outside

Dad got married last weekend-so let’s hear it for second chances, right?

Been thinking about second chances since then. While back in Spokane, I met up with a pal I hadn’t seen in awhile and about halfway through the conversation he admitted to me that some days, it was hard not giving up. He’s a knowledgeable dude; the kind that combines curiosity with a willingness to do the reading but very little suffering of fools.

And fools are all over the damn place.

I told him about this video I’d seen from Hank Green recently, about hopelessness and useful rectangles and mostly how we just cannot know the future. There are exhaustive, broken trumpeters telling us about how goddamn bad and/or scary things are but let’s face it: they’re mostly just loud. There isn’t much in the way of data to back up the things they are screaming at us to be frightened about.

It’s all noise, rarely signal- except as a dog whistle.

Down here, I don’t see people acting like it’s all lost. Yeah, I’m discouraged-who hasn’t felt some serious discouragement in the past years?

But people still fall in love, have kids, raise them as best they can, work for a future that their children can thrive in.

Not just their children. Anyone’s kids. Everyone’s. We take care of our own, as The Boss says, but our own is everyone-everyone who needs us to take care of ‘em.

Hope is still a ribbon running through our lives, tying our hearts to each other. Dreams are still gleaming in the eyes of people, a vapor of a vision of the future that could and hopefully should be someday. We still walk, as best we can, away from the shackles of today, to try and make a table for tomorrow.

Keep looking for those people, I say. Hang out with them. Even when things get bad, at least you’ll have folks who are interested in making things better.

The Tsunamis is…a little rough. The nose has a ashy, sour-ish nose, and there isn’t enough sweetness in the sipping to bring it back. It might be for someone-perhaps someone who appreciates coffee’s roasted qualities but it ain’t for me.

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