Front Porch Chats #100

Wander brewing IPA in glass outside on table, next to can of said IPA. Can has a picture of a raccoon wearing antlers and an eyepatch.

I’ve got the Single Eyepa from Wander brewing today-and I took a picture of the can, just to illustrate why I bought it. Marketers: if you want me to check out your beer, put on pictures of animals doing their best Odin. I’m a sucker for that.

However, I also don’t like getting played, and while this beer was up front about the hops it was using (Citra) it didn’t mention the hazy part. Still, with a pink grapefruit nose and a not unpleasant but dangerously close to pithy finish, I’m not upset at this beer.

I did have some oddly upset folks at me this week, when I responded to this story with: “Likely nobody is. Minimum wage should be $45/hr. Universal healthcare should exist.”

I was called a right wing troll or a tankie. Have to say, it gave me a laugh because nothing about my comment history could suggest I’m right wing, ever and I acknowledge that I am far to indoctrinated by capitalism to ever be a tankie.

Still, people didn’t want to take me seriously. Which on one hand, I get: $45/hr is nearly seven times the current minimum wage. That seems absurd.

But I’ve talked about this before and nobody’s come forward with reasonable data to say that I’m wrong. Hell, the article I linked to above says that:

In the Portland, Vancouver and Hillsboro areas, a person would need to make post-tax annual salary of $59,992. This would be a bi-weekly check of $2,307.

(Emphasis mine. Also, I wonder how much a “post-tax” annual salary would be…any guesses? Because my tax bill is about 1/3rd of my check, putting the pre-tax number{59992 x 1.33} at 79,776 ish. Which, if we divide by the hours per year Americans work comes to…$39.00, rounded up.)

We should have a baseline of living that allows us to be happy: currently I believe that baseline to be $45 and hour for work, and universal healthcare. To start.

What I find sad about it all, honestly, is the failure of imagination to see a world where this is possible. If in Portland we need roughly $39/hr to live free from worry, why is $45 suddenly an impossible world to visualize? Why can’t we see a country where poverty becomes a personal instead of a policy choice, where billionaires frankly, do not exist, and we take care of people better than we do.

It seems impossible until someone dreams it and believes in that dream enough to convince people to put it into action.

Why not us?

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