The Best*: Culmination and Cascade

At Culmination I am having a Planets Consumed IPA, because I cannot resist a name like that. A classic West Coast IPA, dank pine Straight out of the 90s. Retro in the best way.

The Better Late Than Never Fest ale I only got a sip of, but it was a nice sip. My friend seemed to dig it, and she likes fest ales. So that’s a good sign.

The We Love Sullivan’s Gulch blonde ale was my second and it’s just a tasty beer. It’s subtle in that it doesn’t have a massive presence, which means you can have multiple pints of it.

Pear Mary ale in glass on counter

Cascade Brewing is the sour capital of Portland but first I got the Altenative Expression IPA. My friend got the Autodraft red ale.

One thing that I think is important to note is that these beers are solid. I don’t think they could do sour ales to the level of quality that Cascade does, without being able to do a good base beer.

My IPA has a nice nose to it, with some softer citrus qualities and a finishing bitterness that is far from sharp. This might even qualify as a pale.

The red ale is so basic is might even be considered bland. But to execute a really drinkable beer like that is difficult. My sip of the red suggests a pint of that would be just fine.

Nobody comes here for the standard beers though.

So that’s why I’m having the Pear Mary, an ale aged in wine barrels and fermented with pears and infused with rosemary. But I’ll be damned if there isn’t a spicy element there, like cinnamon or ginger.

Uh. Holy shit. This beer tastes like pear cider, and I mean that in the best way. It’s tart but by no means would I call this sour. That is NOT a criticism: I like it quite a bit and I’m glad to see more options, because I’ve had so many sours that taste like vinegar.

My friend had the Baked Apple Sour and my sip of it gave a a slightly metallic nose but the beer itself was working sour applesauce flavors-it passed tart but didn’t get so sour I couldn’t take it.

One thought on “The Best*: Culmination and Cascade”

  1. Maybe when you come up you could bring some of this stuff. That would be cool. Also some of your own new brews. More than cool.

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