Front Porch Chats #99

Kobold's Lawful Evil imperial stout in glass outside

The Lawful Evil from Kobold brewing is so strong I can smell the alcohol in it from arm’s length away.

Let’s approach this bourbon barrel aged stout carefully, shall we?

It smells of alcohol and chocolate, so that’s not entirely bad.

It tastes of alcohol and old coffee. Ooooo no. No. We don’t have to finish this. And we won’t.

I even let this beer warm up, but it’s thin mouthfeel and off putting flavors have made me regret coming outside to have a beer.

It’s gnarly enough that it’s kinda derailed my thoughts for today. Yike. Easy fix for this though; stop drinking this beer, get new beer.

I’ve been reading from multiple sources this week that Putin’s war has ‘reenergized’ Biden’s presidency. Which. OK.

It’s a little fucked up that a war is making Biden’s tenure as President energized, instead of, say, lifting millions of people out of poverty by eliminating student debt.

Or lifting millions of people out of poverty by getting the BBB plan passed, or raising the minimum wage to $45/hr.

Or bully pulpit-ing HB1, the Voting Rights act.

Or seeing the Justice Department put Trump in prison.,

No, no. It’s murder that has “re-energized” his presidency and that is a weight on my heart. I know: I’m not suffering in a war zone, I don’t know anyone directly living in the Ukraine, or Palestine, or wherever the hell the US happens to be bombing. It’s somewhere, almost certainly multiple somewheres, I guarantee it.

But I live here, and I’m in some part responsible for here, so this weighs on me.

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