The Best*: Little Beast and Modern Times

Little Beast's Top WC IPA in glass

Starting with Little Beast’s Pine Top WC IPA has a piney-ish nose and is absolutely referencing the IPAs of the craft beer explosion. However, the finish isn’t intensely bitter; it’s got that lovely craft of being bitter and allowing the bitterness to build over the course of the drink.

Which means that instead of overwhelming me, the beer is just far more drinkable.

My friend got the Helles and…wow! this is a very drinkable beer. I only took a sip, but it was light and a little sweet, but then finished with a pleasant grainy flavor that gave the beer depth. I was impressed.

My second beer was the fresh hop Little Green Men and it’s pretty subtle. A little citrusy on the finish and the beer is really mild, but that isn’t a complaint.

At Modern Times I had the Storm Armor IPA; really fruity nose-like candy.

Modern Times' Storm Armor IPA in glass

That’s what the beer is like too: there’s a jolly rancher quality to this, like cherry candy which is very very weird. The finish has a hint of pith…and I have a feeling that’s going to be more intense as I go.

I try my friend’s festbier and it’s just…ok. A bit thin, which is odd. Festbiers tend to have a little more oomph to them.

In the end my Storm Armor is OK but I can’t say I’m happy.

My second beer was the Ghost Hug Belgian golden ale. This is a much more pleasant experience. The Belgian qualities-clove in this instance are nicely complimentary to the malt. It’s also a little dry on the finish, whichI like. So this is a nice change.

My friend to got the Italian Pilsner, Oracolo, and it had a very pleasant hop bite on the finish. A quality ale for a hot day for sure.

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