Common Ales: Ecliptic’s Filament

Ecliptic Filament winter IPA can next to glass of Filament ale.

Ecliptic’s Filament winter IPA is brewed with tangerine, which is not what I was expecting from a winter ale at all. The nose has a great tangerine nose, with a little bite, too. Yet it’s on the sweeter side, almost like a tangerine jelly candy.

The beer almost leaps the middle though: the finishing bitterness has a solid tangerine quality along with a very pushy bitterness. It really overwrites everything else in the beer.

But when I go back for my next sip I come away with that sweet tangerine-it’s almost as if they’ve flipped it so that you’re supposed to take a whiff of it after your sip.

It’s an interesting and pretty dang good beer.

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