The Best*: Wayfinder & Von Ebert

Wayfinder Cold IPA in glass outside.

We begin the series at Wayfinder with their Cold IPA. It’s got a nice head & piney nose but nothing over the top. The beer is mellow, too-the finishing bitterness present, but not lingering. The Cold IPA has been designed as an easy drinking IPA and it succeeds at it.

Next was Freiheit, a festbier: basically an Oktoberfest ale. The nose is sweet but not too sweet-there’s a whiff of roast to it. The beer itself is full of malt, nice weight on the tongue and easy to drink.

At Von Ebert, I have to say, first: get your portions in order, folks. I should be able to order something that is bigger than 4oz of beer but isn’t 16 oz of beer.

Von Ebert's Volatile Substance & Baron of Bad News in small glasses

That said: we start with the Volatile Substance IPA, their best known IPA. Pine nose, but the rest of the beer holds up-it isn’t too intense. It has a pine quality running through it but the bitterness doesn’t overrun everything. I’d say the Volatile Substance deserves its reputation. It’s drinkable in ways that many IPAs forget to be.

Last was the Baron of Bad News-a strong ale with a great name. The nose just doesn’t come up for me but: the beer itself has some pipe tobacco and molasses going on and it is a nice sipping beer. Maybe I don’t want a pint but a legit short pour instead of sample? I’m down.

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