Front Porch Chats #93

Fash Fashion's I Wish I Was Taller hazy IPA in glass  on table outside

I’d heard of Fast Fashion brewery and when I saw a can I figured I’d give them a shot….but it had to be a hazy. Sigh. The nose suggests the pithy version of a hazy, not a sweeter one, and the flavors are grapefruit and pith and…I am less thrilled.

One of these days, these breweries are going to figure out how to properly label their beer. I will probably be dead. Still, it will be nice when it happens.

And it’s not even that the I Wish I Was Taller double dry hopped IPA is bad. Someone probably would really enjoy this. It’s just not what I would want to pay for and I have now paid someone money for something I don’t want.

Speaking of things I don’t want (transitions are not my jam this week, people. I’m going late night comedy host) Insurrectionists.

Goddamnit, these people fall into two and only two camps. They are running some part of the Great White Grift, or they are the dumbest motherfuckers.

I’m not saying there isn’t any overlap, because you have to be pretty fucking dumb to make your grift the destabilization of the United States.

Even if it works when what? Because it seems to me that if it works, you got a far, far bigger problem on your hands than the money you get will solve.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I don’t find out. However, I can’t say that I’m hopeful. For the grift to fail, people who have an opportunity to stamp the grift out would have to do things. People who have the opportunity to fix broken systems would have to fix them.

It’s work, and I really wish that the people who are responsible for doing that would would do it.

Because the assholes are telling us what they want to do. This isn’t any Illuminati shit. They’ll do it if we let them.

And I’m tired of us letting them.

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