Party Amber

So, a friend asked if we could make a beer for her Halloween party and any excuse to brew is a good one. After a little discussion about what they’d like, an amber ale was the choice. Malty, easy drinking, not to high on the ABV; this is a good party ale.

Now, while we made the beer for the party, I still kept a couple bottles back so I’d have something to write about! I hope they don’t mind.

First, the appearance is solid: yes, this amber is affected by chill haze, but there’s a bright white head, and the color of the beer is right in line with what an amber should be.

Second, the nose offers a nice caramel malt quality. Not too strong, mind you but something to set the stage.

Finally, the flavors are just pleasantly caramel and mellow. The effervescence on this amber does the work of cleanup, setting the palate for the next sip or bite (as appropriate). It’s a pretty damn good beer and we’ve got good reason to be happy with it.

Brew Date: 9/26/21

Steeping grains
4 lb Eureka malt
3 lb Two Row
1 lb C15

Fermentables: 3 lb dry pilsner malt extract

@60 1oz Moteuka, .5 oz Zamba
@5 1oz Moteuka, 5oz Zamba

Yeast: Imperial’s Tartan

OG: 1.06

FG: 1.01

1tsp Irish moss at flameout

Bottled: 10/3

ABV: 6.8%

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