The Best*: Upright & Ruse

Upright’s Money Ave IPA-grapefruit flavors without being overwhelming at all. Also the beer is bright enough that there’s no way to mistake this for a hazy, though it’s mining similar flavors.

But the upside to that is that it doesn’t have the mouthfeel that hazy IPAs tend to have and as a result is a lot more drinkable.

Short glass of Upright brewing Barleywine on table

I also had the barley wine and this was a bit odd. I was expecting more roasted caramel flavors and instead I got something that was hoppy and a touch medicinal. I can’t say I am a fan of this take on the style.

My friend had their Engleberg Pilsner and that was a pretty nice beer though-so overall net positive? It was floral and quite light.

Ruse’s Phantom Shore fresh hop pale lives up to it’s name, it’s a little fruity and a touch grassy on the finish, but smooth and easy to sip on. I amend that; it’s a crushable beer. Really dig it.

Ruse brewing Phantom Shore in tulip glass

The Wolves in the Rain fresh hop IPA grassier and danker, forest-ire. Dig. But it’s a strange beer-the marijuana & grassy quality isn’t exactly bitter, isn’t quite herbal. There’s an in-between space that makes the Wolves unusual.

My friend had a sampler tray of the Vienna pils (a little too roasty), the rice lager (quite nice, malt forward) and the Interpreter, the fresh hop hazy which was just juicy to me and unremarkable as a fresh hop.

If someone is a fan of hazy IPAs, I think Ruse might be your joint: of the 12 beers on tap, I counted 7 hazy ales.

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