The Best*

On the same day, these two lists crossed my path.

The Best Breweries in Portland

Portland’s Best Underrated Breweries

*I’m not going to debate which are the best because these things are really subjective. It seems silly. Plus, I know that the right beer on the wrong day can still suck.

What I can do is travel to these places and try their beer and tell you what I think. I can even bring a friend-because we’ve all had our vaccination shots.

In every case, where I can sit outside, I will, and where I can’t I’ll probably look to get my beer to go. The idea will be to have one IPA and one dealer’s choice ale.

An IPA because they are everywhere, and that means I don’t have to fuss with ‘which beer should I try’ but also, it gives me a baseline to judge all the other breweries against.

Then with a beer I get to pick, I can go for something that might be relevant to the brewery-for example, nobody going to Cascade is looking to have an IPA. Cascade specifically specializes in sour ales and if I didn’t have one, that really wouldn’t be fair.

Plus, it might make for a fun series in a time when…things have not been exactly fun.

So let’s go!

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