Front Porch Chats #86/Second Pint

Ferment brewing's helles bock in glass on table outside, early winter afternoon.

Ferment’s Helles Bock on the table today and this is an odd duck. There’s some malt qualities in the nose but also something distinctly fruity. Berry-like in both sweetness and a hint of sour.

The sips are sweet, but the finish is a bit unpleasant to me-a finishing bitterness that is far more than I’d appreciate from a style like this. This beer has a gravity to it that I’m not so fond of, and with surprisingly low effervescence, those flavors linger longer than I want. A miss from Ferment, whose beers I usually enjoy.

But it’s alright, because I have a beer and the good things that come with it.

I hope everyone’s holiday went well-but I know that some had it much harder. I was fortunate, visiting family and friends, a safe passage to and from my destination.

The visits were kindly and full of laugher. There were messages from friends father away letting me know they were thinking of me, and kindly. I get to come home and write a blog that people read-and I am grateful for all of those things.

I know not everyone can say the same; some cannot visit, some had visits fraught with tension and unhappiness, others just had life happen to them, in a way that life does. Life is not always upside.

Nevertheless, I am able to show some gratitude and so I do; maybe you’ve been reading for awhile, maybe this is your first visit to this blog but thanks for comin’ around. You could do anything else with your time, so I appreciate you spending some on me.

Today’s second pint goes to the LWV for their People Powered Fair Maps project.

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