Front Porch Chats #85/Second Pint Wikipedia

Thorn brewing Wind Surfer dry hopped IPA in glass on table outside in the afternoon.

With a Wind Surfer double dry hopped IPA from Thorn Brewing, I am contemplating the Muppets.

The beer has got a solid tropical fruit nose, and I want to say mango is the dominant scent but there’s something else, too that I’m not sure about. I like it, but I can’t place it.

I was concerned that the beer would be sweet but thankfully that is not the case. It’s got a real bite on the finish-but it isn’t very carbonated. I think that is undercutting the rest of the beer: with some bubbly, the finish hits but doesn’t linger. Without it, that bitterness sticks around a little longer than I’d like.

It’s not bad, it could just use a little improvement.

So, I’ve been seeing this statement in my circles lately and there is a lot to like about it. If you’re going to do something, do something that brings you joy-even if you aren’t particularly good at it.

"The secret of the Muppets is they're not very good at what they do. Kermit's not a great host, Fozzy's not a godo comedian, Miss Piggy's not a great singer. Like none of them are actually good at it, but they fucking love it. And they're like a family and they like putting on the show. And they have joy. And because of teh joy, it doesn't matter that they're not good at it. And that's what we should all be. Muppets. -Brett Goldstein

But a lot of people have been focusing on the “do joyfully” part, missing the most important part, and it’s right there in the name; the Muppets.

See, while you can just do something joyfully, the day is going to come when…your poor performance is going to eat the joy you have away. Maybe not forever, but there will be days, maybe months, or longer. And if you’re alone, how do you withstand those times?

Those things are easier when you have people. Hell, the Muppet Movie itself is about this very notion. Kermit is just a dreamer who’s taking a chance and that chance is jeopardized and grim without Fozzy, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, the Electric Mayhem Band, and on and on.

They are able to do what they do-badly-because they care for each other and are there for one another. The dream isn’t just about Kermit anymore-it wasn’t the moment he accepted a ride from Fozzy.

It just takes him the rest of the movie to realize it.

And I’ll tell you the obvious secret: most of us are doing things badly. We don’t even get to joyfully do them badly, we’re just muddling through as best we can. Sometimes we get to do things we love (and are bad at) or things we are good at but don’t care for. But mostly, I think, we do them with at least some kind of fuckupery.

Still, the worst times are the ones where nobody is around. Winning isn’t as great if nobody is there, losing isn’t so bad if everyone is.

Today’s second pint goes to Wikipedia.

Finally; this is the last post for the week, I’m off for Thanksgiving. Cheers!

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