Front Porch Chats #83

Revision Brewing's Dr Lupulin IIIPA in glass on table, outside

It’s the first truly chilly weekend of November, and I’ve got a Dr Lupulin from Revision brewing on the table. It’s a triple IPA, but it doesn’t show it; while the nose is floral tilting to perfume, the flavors are really mellow.

Mellow doesn’t mean good, though. While the finishing bitterness isn’t anywhere near scour pad levels, something about the malt sweetness combination makes me think of medicine, instead of a solidly hopped beer.

I get they were probably trying to balance things out, but it doesn’t come together for me.

This week in the “Dumbass Hall Of Fame” entry we have the quarterback for Green Bay, Aaron Rogers ‘consulting with his good friend Joe Rogan’ over COVID-19 protocols-specifically getting vaccinated.

First off: Joe Rogan is part of the Great White Grift and paying attention to anything that nicked bowel of a person says is just asking for people to steal your money.

All you Rogan stans just know; your boos mean nothing to me, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.

What is more interesting to me is the question of: Will there be consequences?

Because this very same week, a player for the Las Vegas Raiders was involved in a fatal car accident and it’s been reported he was drunk. That player was subsequently fired from the team.

I don’t know if Ruggs was drinking or not-and I certainly cannot imagine how utterly horrible he must feel, being responsible for killing a person. But he’s going through the consequences of his actions, as well he should. I can only hope that he is able to make his life a better one and carry the weight for what he has taken from this world.

Which leads me back to; will one of the biggest names in the NFL suffer consequences for putting himself and the people around him at risk of death, because he wanted to listen to the Great White Grift?

At what level do you have to reach in this country to not face consequences? It certainly helps if you’re white, no question about that. It helps if you’re rich, too.

The root of it all, the heartworm around the entire goddamn country, is the insulation that certain people have from their choices. I feel like I have to pay the consequences for my choices.

Why don’t other people? Why is putting people at risk for a deadly and now preventable disease something that gets shrugged off? Why are traitors walking free? Or with mere 60 day stays in jail? Is that a fucking consequence for trying to overthrow the government? .

They were traitors. The lot of ‘em. Especially the yiffmonkeys who told them to go do it and then sat back to watch things burn.

The worst part is: even if Aaron Rogers does suffer legitimate consequences for his acts-and I certainly hope he does-that’s means that, somehow, the NF fucking L is taking things more seriously than the US Government.

And I don’t know what to do with that.

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