Common Ales: Deschutes Twilight ale (2021)

Twilight Ale by Deschutes, in glass, with bottle nearby.

Despite what I thought was a proper pour, I sill have difficulty getting any nose off the beer. There’s something a little metallic there, which is definitely not a good sign.

The first flavor impression is sweet, a little fruity. It reminds me of watermelon, actually. It feels thin on the tongue though. As if it’s striving to be a lighter beer.

That lightness doesn’t get much support though. The bitterness is pretty strong- strong enough to power through the finishing bubbles. I want to like this beer-it seems like it’s really close to being good.

But I also get the sense that it doesn’t want to commit to a style. The bottle says ‘golden ale’ but the finishing bitterness especially pushes it out of that balance that goldens might have.

Also, I’m noticing that I have a negative reaction to any beer that gives me a sense of thinness. That tactile sensation of weightlessness that isn’t supported by a balancing flavor profile is definitely a knock for me.

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