Front Porch Chats #81

Citra Slicker IPA by Bale Breaker & Cloudburst brewing in glass on table outside

It’s nice to know the name still counts for something.

I’m having a wet hop IPA collaboration beer from Bale Breaker & Cloudburst, called Citra Slicker. And just look at it; a frothy head, a bright clear ale: this is practically textbook IPA stuff.

The nose is a bit grapefruit a bit dank, and the finish reminds me of this fact. It’s a very good IPA that I’m happy to have by itself but boy would this go well with a fully loaded sandwich.

I didn’t know any of those things when I bought it, of course. And I am inherently distrustful of fresh/wet hop beers. These things are 98% hype, and the expiration date on the good ones is the day before you drank it. It’s all about FOMO, instead of making a special, yearly beer.

However: I like Bale Breaker and I like Cloudburst. I’ve had enough of their beers to know they aren’t trying to capitalize on my fear of missing a beer. They consistently make good beer, so I am willing to give them money.

That isn’t to say they have to be perfect every time; nobody is. It would be unfair and unkind of me to insist that they are. Let’s all not be unfair or unkind, shall we?

With that acknowledged, it’s nice to be rewarded for putting my faith in the previous work of these breweries.

Good things aren’t easy to do. Take your pick-whatever it is, if you want it done well, it won’t be easy.

So it’s nice to reward the people who do something well but it’s also important to trust them, too.

Your reputation still counts. Even in the wild world of 2021.

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