I made a run of IPAs during July/August and here’s the start of ’em!

IPA in glass

Nose has a quality like cut grass, but much sharper, as if it was broken pine needles. Green, but intense.

There isn’t much to the midrange, in this beer. It doesn’t lack malt but it doesn’t want to let the malt stick around for long. No, get that outta here, we’ve got some bitterness to introduce.

The bitterness, fortunately for me, isn’t overwhelming. It lingers and it’s almost got an herbal quality to it, but it stops short. The tongue scraping isn’t necessary.

It’s drinkable (which is a low bar but I do meet it!) and not so overpowering that it would wreck a palate, I think. But it definitely fits the criteria for more modern IPA hoppiness. No complains.

Brew date: 7/24/21

Steeping grains
3.5 lb Maris Otter
3.5 2 Row
1 lb Biscuit

Fermentables: 3 lb Golden dry malt

1 oz Ekuanot and Chinook @60
.5 oz Chinook, 1 oz Ekuanot @30

Yeast: Imperial’s Flagship

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.012

Added .5 oz Chinook 6 days in

Bottled 7/31


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