Front Porch Chats #80

This Chocolate Brandy Alexander is from Breakside and it’s a milk stout aged in brandy barrels. This feels very much like my kinda beer.

Breakside brewing's Chocolate Brandy Alexander in glass on table outside.

I’ve let it warm up for a few minutes before taking a sip and it was definitely worth it. Coco on the nose, compliments a dark chocolate dryness on the finish, and in the middle there’s a twist of that brandy, smoothed out by the milk. It is a treat yourself kinda beer.

I know it has been a long year for many of us and I know that I personally am deeply frustrated, frequently angry and occasionally frightened of what may come. Maybe that sounds familiar. I’m not sure how it can’t, to anyone who is both paying attention and hoping for a better, kinder future.

But having a glass full of luxury is reminding me to remind you to treat yourself occasionally. Kindly, and in ways that help you (and maybe others!) but to not forget to do so.

Learning how to be kind to oneself often means practicing by being kind to others-but in that process, a lot of us forget to be kind to ourselves, too.

So hey: Live a little. Just for you.

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