Front Porch Chats 79

Humble Sea brewing's Used Car Salesman pale ale, in glass outside.

This Used Car Salesman pale ale isn’t right. Something on the finish tastes dirt like and I don’t think I’m going to finish this. What good would that do? I don’t like it and you know I don’t like it and why.

I’m not sure what Humble Sea brewing had in mind with this beer, but there’s a distinct aftertaste of a pebble in my mouth.

Fortunately, I have a backup beer. We should all have backup beers. In my case, it’s Mt Tabor brewing’s Sack Lunch Lager, which was made with a lime purée. Think Corona, without the pesky need to shove a lime in the neck, and in a container that doesn’t skunk the beer within 5 minutes because it’s light struck, and you’ll have it.

It’s pretty solid but as with any good lager, it makes me wish I was eating nachos. The lime just makes me want nachos more.

I wonder how many limes are in my future.

What with (effectively) 52 people deciding that getting paid is more important than doing the work to save the country-and maybe the planet-I can’t help but wonder if there will be a climate for limes, in the near future.

Make no mistake: every single one of those Senators (and Representatives, for that matter) who are deciding to refuse to do things like; allow the government to run, or pay our bills, or move along what is very popular legislation, they’re all doing it because they’re getting paid to do that.

As Upton SInclair once noted: It is very difficult to get a man to believe a thing, when his paycheck relies on him not believing it.

To put my feelings about that mildly; it sucks. We aren’t being sold out because of a principle, because of a genuine dedication to an ideal.

We’re being sold out for money.

It’s cheap, too, to buy a Senator. I mean, you or I can’t do it. But for someone who has money, oh, it’s cheap. Thousands…maybe, just maybe hundreds of thousands.

But, you know; house money. As in, what it would take for a regular person to buy a house, that’ll do it to get a Senator. In the meantime, someone like Bezos has a yacht to service his super yacht and doesn’t blink twice about paying someone what he makes in twenty seconds for ten years worth of what will amount to trillions.

I never thought I’d be living in a third world country but here I am; the children go hungry, the water is unfit to drink in multiple places, everybody is poor, except for the clearly wealthy, women lack basic rights, the police act like a military force and the government-from the Congress to the Supreme Court to the Presidency, doesn’t want to heed the will of the people.

It’s enough to give a person some anxiety. Which, looking around, it seems like we all have.

And we so clearly could do better. But we can’t because of money.

It’s enough to make one reconsider capitalism, ennit?

Today’s second pint goes to the fundraiser from last week’s video.

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