Common Ales: Ninkasi Megadlodom

Got a monster 2-fer this week! (Unfortunately, I messed up and deleted the good photo and kept a blurry one so…no picture this time).

Ninkasi’s Megalodom IPA has decided to lean into the citrus IPA characteristics. However, the nose offers a drier, more bitter quality-it reminds me of bitter orange that I’ve used to spice saisons I’ve made.

This is a good thing, not just because it isn’t overly sweet. The bitter orange scent also persists as I drink the beer and that helps give the Megalodom some staying power.

There is still some sugary elements from the malt and the beer exhibits this both in the midrange and the viscosity. There’s something a bit weighty and slick about the Megs which has me wondering what the ABV is.

10%. Whoa.

But, the finishing bitterness keeps things in check and for such a strong beer, I have to confess it’s pretty well balanced. Giving this one a thumbs up.

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