Front Porch Chats #78/Second Pint PDX Saints

Take a look at this video while I sip on this Kaptain Kolsch from White Bluffs brewing. It’ll give me a chance to figure out what to tell you about it.

The nose has a faint honey malt quality, and a little hop spice to it, too. Which I’m surprised, but pleased by.

The flavors really follow up on this, too. It’s a little sweeter than I like my kolsch and it seems to be just a touch heavier on the tongue than expected. The finish, however, is very sparkly and a little hop spicy, and that presents a nice counterweight on the beer. I’m digging this, even though it isn’t my favorite take on the style Check it out.

So, a pal of mine who is Black brought that video to my attention. It reminded me that there are whole subcultures out there, really cool things being done by all kinds of amazing people, that I just don’t know about. Or wouldn’t know about, unless people who aren’t like me didn’t cross my path with it.

Which had me putting a little gratitude out there for everyone I know, really; they all have lives and inroads to communities that I just have no knowledge of.

Now, that thought had me recalling this video from Philosophy Tube. I’ll TL:DR (and heavily paraphrase/condense) it for you:

There are two kinds of ignorance; the kind of knowledge that you don’t know, and the kind of knowledge that is kept from you.

The first kind of ignorance is inevitable, and in some ways necessary. We cannot know everything-it’s just beyond us. Relying on people who do know things we don’t, well: that’s trust. That’s how you build community.

But the second kind….that can be how you destroy communities. I’m not suggesting that everything should be available to be known by everyone, per se.

I am saying, though, that when someone doesn’t want you to know how Black people were treated in America, there is a very reasonable question that comes to me: Why?

Why don’t people want you to know about, say, the Tulsa massacre or the time we bombed our own citizens because racism?

That immigrant populations and neighborhoods are statistically less crime ridden than established communities?

And so on. Hell, it’s even part of the brewing community: Black people and women were the brewers of this country when it was founded and until I got into the craft, I had no idea about their contributions.

Which leads me back to the video at the top: how cool is this thing that a Black man did, inspired by a Black band, that is now making a whole lot of people happy? Why didn’t I know about this thing sooner? (Well, because I can’t know everything and that’s OK).

My point is, denying people the truth when they ask for it is a fast way to create distrust. Lying to them a way to make chaos.

What kinds of ignorance are we willing to accept?

Just something to chew on.

Today’s second pint goes to PDX Saints.

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