Back in The Saddle

May amber ale in glass on table

After a break, I’ve started in on brewing again and….

Once again, a malt-forward beverage. The nose has a nice, strong grainy quality. But…sorta.

That is: this picture and I think this particular example isn’t quite doing the beer justice. As a batch, this beer has been a little more heady with the pours, allowing for some better visual representation. I may have to have a second to do this justice.

That doesn’t mean this bottle is bad. Heck, there’s a pretty steady run of bubbles that I can feel on my tongue that finishes this beer.

Also, this beer is one of the clearer beers I’ve ever brewed. The chill haze is diminished, though not eliminated, but that’s alright. The perfect doesn’t have to be the enemy of the good. 

On top of all that, this was the first beer I’ve brewed since April and I forgot to get an original gravity reading!

All of this reminds me that beer can be temperamental. That you can have the right beer on the wrong and have it come out badly. That there is genuine skill at having not only a good beer, but a consistently good beer.

This is a good beer, but I’m not sure it is consistent.

Brew Date: 5/30/21

Steeping grains
3 lb 6 Row
4 lb 2 Row
1 lb 15C caramel

Fermentables: 3 lb Golden light dry malt

1 oz Nelson Sauvin @50
1 oz Evergreen @5

Yeast: Imperial Tartan (2nd use)

FG: 1.01

Forgot to get OG

Bottled: 6/5

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