Front Porch Chats #77/Second Pint WCK

1 in 5 Oregonians are refusing to get vaccinated. 20% of the population.

Coldfire brewing's Oatmeal stout in glass, outside, on table

I’d bet those numbers are fairly reflective across the country. The more people are soaked in the right wing noise machine, the worse that number gets, the less, the better. It probably averages out.

It’s almost depressing enough to have me just pound this oatmeal stout from Coldfire brewing, so I can start on the next one.

It’s a pretty solid stout though. Little espresso in the nose, some malt sweetness to balance things out but a coffee forward beer, to be sure. Oatmeal is usually added to beers like this for mouthfeel purposes, and while I can’t say I notice anything denser or smoother-this beer is remarkably effervescent!-there’s nothing to detract either.

I’ve had not a few friends mention that they too are feeling the weight of the times. The impact that a small number of people are having on everyone else is sadly working. I don’t blame them-it’s hard to keep your head up. I can’t always do it. Nobody can.

What I do like to think of, though, in these times is a line that I read once that (paraphrased) said, “one third of the population will actively work for it’s destruction, while one third doesn’t seem to care at all”.

But, last time I checked, 20% was less than one third.

80% of the population stepping in to do the right thing, to say that they are willing to protect other people, help other people, even in the smallest way, is still a lot more than one third.

Which is something I’d just like everyone to keep in mind.

Today’s second pint goes to the World Central Kitchen.

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