Front Porch Chats #76/Second Pint PP

Block 15's Sticky Fingers IPA in glass, outside

Having Block 15’s Sticky Hands IPA-it’s a local IPA staple and for good reason. If you live around here, you probably know this beer but if you don’t: well it is a pleasant, apricot-y IPA that doesn’t go too far on the bitterness.

It’s familiar, and I could use some familiar because I’ve been trying to resist despair, lately.

I could get into the whys of it but I don’t think I’d be telling anyone something they don’t already know, but: Let us say that both the 9/11 anniversary and our current government and pandemic predicaments are powerful reminders that a small group of zealous people can well and truly fuck a country.

The worst thing is, after 9/11, we did it to ourselves. Time and time again. We decided-or approved of deciding-to justify our bullying ways because of the fears instilled in us by people who in the end, wanted money, not our trust. Money, not to provide guidance or kinship. Money.

And that small, greedy group of bastards are ballooning a security state without oversight, stripping away our protected rights, and glorifying a disinformation campaign to literally keep us sick.

Where are the consequences for these itchy buttholes? Why aren’t these people accountable? Because they have money, sarcastic question mark.

There have been a lot of fuckups in America but one of the biggest, has to be when Ford pardoned Nixon.

Because without that, when Nixon goes to trial if he is found guilty, a very clear message is sent: your power will not protect you if you break the law.

Instead, the opposite message was sent, and everyone who needed to get that message heard it as clear as this beer in my hand.

When you live in a lawless country, that insists that “all people are created equal”…the chasm in my brain between these two concepts pulls me towards despair.

I doubt I’m the only one.

But there’s work to be done to fix this shit. And the work doesn’t care if I despair.

Let’s keep at it.

Today’s second pint goes to Planned Parenthood.

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