Common Ales: Three Creek’s Tres Arroyos

This Mexican lager has a corn nose which extends into the flavor, too. Not quite creamed corn sweet but lilting in that direction.

Effervescence is tiny but steady, so there isn’t a lot of head on this beer, but the finish always sparkles a bit.

It’s a pretty clean beer; both visually and flavorwise, and I have a feeling I should’ve chilled the Tres Arroyos a little further than I did to really get the most out of it. It’s a solid beverage that wants to be drank in the shade of an umbrella, with light snacks nearby.

Or, with a full plate of chicken strips, bleu cheese and a joyous riot of people nearby. That would work. But I have to say, I’d recommend this for the style. It’s not going to replace my preference of pilsners as my light beer of choice, but I won’t turn my nose up at this.

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