Common Ales: New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger

Voodoo Ranger IPA by New Belgium in glass, next to can, on countertop

This beer kicks things off with a frothy head and a piney nose that is present but not too strong.

For an imperial, the nose seems restrained. It’s reasonably persistent, though, lasting for more than a few sips.

The other thing I’m noting is that for an imperial IPA, the Ranger is fairly well balanced. The malt sweetness is where I’d expect, the bitterness on the finish wraps things up but isn’t a contest to see how intense it can be. It’s like a regular IPA.

I’m a little surprised by this beer’s balance, I’ll admit. On the other hand, it’s almost what I’d hope for from an Imperial style ale: everything taken up a notch, but nothing out of whack. Something even a non-hophead could enjoy.

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