Front Porch Chats #73/Second Pint Doctors without Borders

Asylum Ale by Mt Tabor brewing, in glass on table outside

Before I get started with Mt Tabor Brewing’s Asylum Ale IPA, I just want to note that the Proud Boys are in Portland as of today’s writing (Sunday, 8/22).

And I want to be very clear: those itchy buttholes can get fucked.
I’d be less vocal about this if the authorities were interested in keeping those terrorists off the streets, but the Portland Police Bureau, lovely lads and lasses that they are, issued a statement basically saying: Hey, we hear you’re concerned. So what we’re going to do is nothing, and we advise you to not do anything either.

But…that isn’t how bullies work. Grade school 101: they will keep fucking with you so long as they deem you worth fucking with. Repeatedly, we have seen how not doing a thing leads to bullies getting emboldened, and how showing up with an overwhelming messages of “get wrecked, itchy buttholes” sends them away.

Also: if it isn’t the PPBs job to protect the citizens from violent actors like these Nazi diapers, then why even have the PPB?

I can’t even enjoy a merely adequate beer, today. Which is the best I can say of the Asylum ale. The nose dies fast-I think I get a little peach and pine before it goes- and the finishing bitterness takes over any other values the Asylum might offer.

Like everything having to do with the fascists: it’s ruined, just because I have to deal with this bullshit.

To the people down at the counter protest today, stay safe, look out for each other. I know I’m only there in spirit but I am still witness to your courage.

Today’s second pint goes to Doctors Without Borders.

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