Front Porch Chats #72/Second Pint PDX Saints Love

Hammer & Stitch lager in glass, on table outside

When I saw The Green Knight last week at the Cinemagic theater, I also had a chance to try Hammer & Stitch’s lager beer. It was a wonderful beer, but I wasn’t under any circumstances to talk about it here: I was just telling everyone I knew that this was a damn fine beer.

Imagine the trill of joy I got when I saw they’d canned it. I was hoping that this was as good as the kegged beer….and it is.

A lemongrass nose with just the barest element of the dank quality I’d expect from a lager, this beer might just be my favorite summer beer of this year. The finishing bitterness lets me know it’s there but doesn’t discourage further sips. All through the lager there is still a subtle lemon flavor, keeping in line with the visual brightness this beer offers.

I don’t always get a treat for the Monday posts, so this one is particularly cool to have, and a fortunate coincidence to find.

In less fortunate coincidences, I am reading Pay Any Price by James Risen, just as Afghanistan has come under complete Taliban control.

It’s a shame what America-and as an American I bear responsibility for this, as much as I hate that-has done to the people of Afghanistan and for what? For a ruthless, hyper religious sect to oppress people?

All the while, rich men got richer in America, as Pay Any Price illustrates, and the citizens of America are subject to the greatest wealth inequity of over 100 years, lacking even the basic necessities to survive when a global pandemic struck. Thousands of soldiers sent there for what was a meaningless mission, by men who had no real intention of creating peace.

And a gov’t that seemingly could give less of a fuck about any of it, because nobody is responsible for the lies told, the money stolen.

People like to complain about the Canto story in the Last Jedi but more and more, I think it might just be the most subversive storyline in the entire Star Wars canon. A moment where they just tell you: war serves the rich, and the side you’re on is almost certainly being conned by someone to make money. Regardless of the value you fight for.

There may be righteous battles, but I question if if there is ever a righteous war.

Today’s second pint goes to PDX Saints Love.

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