Common Ales: Lagunitas Maximus IPA

Lagunitas Maximus IPA in glass, next to can, on countertop

So….let’s talk about this can for a moment.

Whenever I see something like this that is so clearly masculine-the logo is all sharp edges, the name is redundantly about the size of the beer, and it’s written so that to read it properly you have to hold the can horizontally-
The first thing I think of is how absurd it is. I can’t help it: this is my instinctive reaction to anything hyper masculine. Isn’t it all not just a little silly?

Because it is. As if a beer could have a gender at all, or one’s gender is somehow reflected in the acquisition of said beverage. That’s silly.

The second thing I think about is; this is why women feel ignored/don’t get into beer. Because the Maximus isn’t being shy about what it’s saying or who it’s going for. The issue of course is that these kinds of examples can be found all over the brewing industry and easily engender an environment of toxicity.

This beer might be good-and hopheads of any gender might dig it! But because this label is fronting so hard to be about dicks, I wonder how many women would consider giving this beer a chance.

Worse, we’re 3/4 through the review of this beer, and I haven’t even had a drop.

But when I do drink some, the nose has a little grapefruit, a little malt in it, and that’s good. The malt sticks around through the glass, offering some sweetness with every sip.

The finishing bitterness lingers, though. This isn’t a clean IPA, this one wants to stick around. But the bitterness isn’t pithy and it does stop just shy of mouth scraping. On the whole it balances the nose out pretty well. It’s not a great beer, but I’d say it’s a good one.

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