Got Milk?

A buddy sent me this link about a company that takes spent barley and turns it into an oat milk product. In and of itself, I’d find that cool because it’s another way to make brewing an environmentally friendlier process.

But then I noted that the company Take Two Foods is local!

So now I’m obligated to try this and tell you about it.

I thought I’d taken a picture of this but it appears that I have deleted (or forgotten) the pic. An unfortunate turn of events but not the end of the world.

The first thing I noticed is that it didn’t look like milk. That’s a little weird on first pour-but it does look like chocolate milk. So there’s a mental break but it isn’t too jarring.

It doesn’t taste like chocolate milk though, again another mental bump, but not a severe one. It’s not really sweet in any sugary manner.

It’s not exactly cow’s milk, either. There’s a resemblance, and I wouldn’t say that it overwhelmingly resembles a malt beverage, either. My point of comparison here is the liquid malt I use to make beer: nothing that sweet at all.

It’s good, but I also wasn’t astounded by it either. I see nothing wrong with using this for things like cereal or coffee. I’m not sure how this product might impact baking needs, like use in a quiche or cake. But for drinking, hey it seemed good to me.

There is a question of price though: this was $4.99 for 40 ounces, and that’s not even half a gallon. For the same price, I can get a gallon of organic milk. That’s a consideration, because budgets are a thing.

I’m definitely glad I tried it though and if my budget allowed, I’d do so again.

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