Front Porch Chats #70

Portland, looking North

A couple days ago I was hanging out at Migration’s rooftop pub downtown, looking out at the city and the loudest thought I had was:

‘We’re gonna lose all this, and for no good reason whatsoever.’

Sitting on my porch now, a Boss Rambler beer club Coastal Service on the table, that thought echos to today. And likely tomorrow.

A few days ago someone in a Facebook thread I was reading said, in response to people decrying the latest phallus trip to the ionosphere, “profit-seeking isn’t inherently bad”.

And my reaction to that was “yeah, let’s look at what profit seeking has brought us, shall we? {proceed to list off every disaster late-stage capitalism has wrought}”

But a few days later, I can see that even that was misguided.

It isn’t profit seeking that’s the big problem. It’s profit protection.

Boss Rambler beer club's Coastal Service in glass on table outside

This is a pretty light beer for heavy thoughts. A little lemony on the finish but not much nose to speak of. However, between the flavors and the steady effervescence on that end, it makes for a pretty refreshing beer which is good, because it’s one of the few things protecting me from an abominably stuffy weekend.

However, let’s get back to it. Thinking about the troubles that have been wrought upon us all…they all go back to “this is mine and you can’t have it”. Fox News might as well have that on loop as their news ticker. Bill Gates tried to pressure pharma companies from making the vaccine patent publicly available because ‘reasons’ and he could do it because the Gates foundation gives so much money to research, he had a voice.

Hell, look at the US economic policy towards Cuba. It was entirely rooted in our businesses not being able to exploit that country and being pissed off when the Cuban people said, ‘naw dog’. This idiot country still can’t get away from policies set up two lifetimes ago.

And now, afraid that regular (read, poor) people are going to insist on not being exploited anymore, corporations rig the legal system so sharing is a vice.

It’s not just that they want. I want stuff too. It’s that they want to keep it all, forever. Me-I can be happy with enough, and I run the risk of losing everything.

And all that America did that was great, and all that we could do that could be great, is going to go down in flames because a very small group of people didn’t want to share, and nobody decided “fuck that, you’re lying grifters relying on fear and don’t deserve the power you have.”

Kinda sucks.

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