Front Porch Chats #69 (nice)

Longtime followers of the blog may recall that I enjoy football and this week the NFL announced pretty severe penalties for players who didn’t get vaccinated and enabled COVID outbreaks. That is: the infected team would forfeit their game.

Is this really what it takes to combat a worldwide health problem? I suppose for millionaires, it might be.

But what was disturbing for me was how the NFL subreddit went berserk for 24 hours. Every story that was submitted to that forum regarding a player’s opinion on getting vaccinated had to be auto-locked, because…

Well, let’s just say it: egocentric dickbags who refuse to see past the tip of their own nose and won’t get vaccinated, just lost their shit.

Because good lord the gnashing of teeth that people have about not getting vaccinated and insisting on ‘muh freedumbs’.

Listen: I’ve already lost all of those anti-vaxxers already, and it is with this fine glass of Ridgeback Red ale from Block 15 that I tell you: those people have been conned. The anti-vax movement is a con job to line the pockets of assholes with money.

Ridgeback Red ale from Block 15 in glass on table outside

I’d feel sorry for them-in the way I feel bad for anyone who’s suckered- except for one thing: their manipulation has taken a wrecking ball to everyone’s lives.

It’s a nice day to have a beer on the porch, may I remind you. A beer that leans hard into the Irish Red style, with a subtle fruity quality that is well hidden behind the roasted flavors.

Because I am on this porch (and don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice porch and I am fortunate to have one to sit on) because people didn’t follow health guidelines, the gov’t didn’t help people who would have starved or become homeless not become those things, and now people aren’t getting vaccinated so we’re looking at Pandemic II, Delta Force: the Southern ‘Solution’.

So quite frankly: fuck all y’all who refused getting vaccinated for non-medical reasons. You got played and what’s worse, you getting played is now us getting played. If I was just a little meaner I’d say you deserve to choke, except that medical care should be provided to anyone regardless of need or my feelings about how they’ve lived their life.

And that supersedes even your callous choice to endanger people.

Sometimes, under the bright light of the Summer sun, in front of everyone, I feel it shouldn’t.

But it does. Because we-even you-deserve better.

So get your COVID vaccination, if you haven’t. Please.

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