Front Porch Chats #68

Super Chief IPA by Brothers Cascadia Brewing, in glass on table outside

Got a Super Chief IPA from Brothers Cascadia Brewing and the first thing I notice about it is that the head on this beer looks like velvet-soft and thick. It’s not a nice nose, too-just a little dank, just a little malt. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this one.

And yeah, I do. The dank is swapped for a citrus note on the finish but the midrange malt quality help bridge things together. Well done, good porch thinkin’ beer.

Because I was away for my grandma’s memorial last weekend. She was 97 and…well, I didn’t know her.

What the people who did know her said was that she “had an intimate relationship with Jesus”.

So I wonder if anyone really knew her.

It made me sad to hear people talk about grandma, because nobody really had anything to say. A couple people said she was funny, but the stories were…sensible chuckles at best. At a memorial that’s fine, of course, but it’s no Stephen Miller has COVID (the best punchline of 2020). It’s not even really funny, once you leave.

Mostly, those stories were about her trying to make sure you were getting right with Jesus. And, honestly, it’s none of anyone’s business if I’m right with their deity. ‘Cept mine.

But she could have had a relationship with me. She made her choices though and here we are. Wherever she is, I hope she is happier now.

I don’t think grandma would approve of me, if she did know me. So perhaps it worked out for the best. But I’m glad I’m walking this path, as I’m definitely happier on it than on the one she would’ve insisted on.

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