Front Porch Chats #67/Second Pint HYA

I snagged the Lumberbeard Anniversary ale (a barleywine) because I like the name of the brewery. It’s bourbon barrel aged but this is the rare barrel aged beer that hasn’t let the barrel overwhelm the beer. There’s a little spice and heat on the finish-just to let you know that this beer isn’t an easy drinking safe one. But otherwise, you got a damn fine ale.

Lumberbeard barleywine in glass on table, next to can of barleywine, outside

Which is good, because they’re charging $15.30 for it. But at 16.5%, this is definitely a ‘once a year’ ale.

On a do nothing Saturday, I got to spend most of it playing games with a friend.

It’s really all I could’ve asked for. I’ve got beer, I’ve got people I like, I’ve got something fun to do on a day that isn’t so hot or cold that I am certain that it is trying to murder me.

It doesn’t seem like much, does it? It isn’t much, is the thing.

And there seem to be three categories of people here: those who don’t have the baseline that I do, those who do have what I have, and those who have so fucking much that their acquisition denies things to the people in the first two groups.

Most of us don’t want or have any need to rule the world. But we do have a need to curtail the abuses of people who do need to rule. Because they will let us starve, deny us the simplest of things, for one reason only: To have more.

And those rich people can enlist others, they have the luxury to pay hype men to lie and fuck with us.

Down here, we have to do the work. Maybe look around for the other people who are doing the work-and whom they are working for. Because some people aren’t worth defending. If the power that some people have isn’t something we can democratically take away, they they are not representatives, they are monarchs.

That goes from people as high up as Bezos, to as street level as the cops. But we fought a monarchy once. I have a feeling we’ll do it again if that’s what it comes down to.

I hope it doesn’t though, because we deserve better.

Today’s second pint goes to the Homeless Youth Alliance.

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