Front Porch Chats #59/SEcond Pint STV

Immersion brewing's Raise The Alarm red IPA, in glass on table, outside

This is Immersion’s Ring the Alarm, a red IPA and one sip of it gives me burnt citrus flavors.

So I guess I won’t be drinking that. Too bad; it’s a lovely looking drink, a fine shade of amber and clear enough to see through.


While I’m on the porch though, I’d like to tell the author of “COVID is waning can Portland Let it Go” to fuck riiiiiiight off. (Fun fact: the day after this op-ed was published, the Oregon state senator who let rioters in the state capitol was diagnosed with COVID, along with 807 other people across the state, and we’re probably averaging between 700-900 cases a day right now).

Similarly, the person who wrote the Atlantic’s “Liberals who can’t quit the lockdown” bullshit can kiss my entire ass.

I have spent the last year in a shite limbo, avoiding things I like, helping where I can, wearing a mask, learning new and fun songs to sing while I wash my hands, all to keep people safe.

I didn’t like it. I didn’t wake up every morning thinking; Hey, I get to wear a mask! I’m not the freaking Green Lantern. I didn’t shiver as I tipped a beer to my mouth, because I had to drink outside and it’s fucking December but I would also like to get out of the house a little please, because I thought being cold was fun.

I didn’t suffer though videos conferences because yay, I didn’t avoid Thanksgiving because I suddenly developed a dislike for turkey, and I didn’t smother what social life I had with a pillow for sport.

I did it because that helped keep people safe.

And maybe if 2020 hadn’t been a soup-to-nuts shitshow, maybe if I wasn’t living amongst seditionists who seem to be still walking around unjailed, maybe if at least 30% of the population wasn’t saying, “no vaccine for me, CUCKS”, then fine: we could have an honest discussion about what the summer could look like.

I could leave my house, reasonably confident that the people in this country were trying their best to look out for one another. That if there were mistakes, they would be handled with kindness and grace. That we’d rectify whatever error we made, and proceed.

But I can’t. So I’m going to be fine with over cautious rules because I’ve been doing my part and the only reason we’re still living through this is that SOME people refuse to do the minimum without throwing a tantrum.

Go talk to them about what they’re addicted to. Go blame them for their shitty behavior.

Then you can come back an apologize for being a sanctimonious ass. Because I resent being told that I ‘can’t let it go’ when we’re still in the middle of it, because other people are selfish dildoes.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread the Vote.

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