Front Porch Chats #50

I don’t usually get things by Modern Times, partly because they’re a known quantity (I usually like their stuff!), partly because they aren’t “local”.

But they have a brewery here. Even if the headquarters is in San Diego, if you make beer here…that’s locally made, right?

So, I got their Caliban IPA, which was described as “lightly hazy”.

Look at this. I’ve had Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing. THAT was lightly hazy. This is just hazy hazy.

The nose-a bit of grapefruit and papaya-fades too quickly for my liking. But the beer has kind of Sprite tart/sweetness going on, so the middle of the Caliban works. Unfortunately, the finish is a bit too pith-y for me. Not my bag; maybe for someone else.

You know what’s for everyone? Money.

And if they’re gonna make you work for it, then they ought to pay you enough, regardless of what job you do, to live off it.

If they aren’t going to pay you enough to live off it, then enough money should be given to you until you can live off it.

That’s it. Those are the choices, if you want to have a stable, much less functioning, society.

And The Man has been whinging for decades about how paying people will destroy businesses or “the economy” (as though someone truly understands what that is) while actively working to suppress what little people DO get.

So fuck ‘em. Minimum wage should be $31/hr. That includes servers in pubs and restaurants. That includes prisoners. If you work, you get paid. We shouldn’t do any form of slavery in this country (or anywhere but I digress).

Why should minimum wage be $31/hr? Because if things had kept up, it would be $24+/hr right now. Think about how many people’s lives should be changed if that was the case?

Hell, they’re talking about the impact of $15 an hour and I’m here to tell you: that dream is weaksauce bullshit. That’s scraps, after a year where this country has produced it’s first trillionaire.

So let’s dream big. Bigger than a trillionaire.

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