Common Ales: Sierra Nevada- Hazy Little Thing

This…is a hazy? This beer is so BRIGHT. Sure, I cannot see through it but light penetrates. So many hazy IPAs I drink are opaque.

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA in glass, with can, on table indoors

The nose has some sweeter grapefruit qualities but it fades rather quickly. There’s enough going with this beer that it doesn’t matter though.

The flavors are where this shines: grapefruit is still the dominant feature, but while this beer does have some malt qualities, they’re mostly there for body, to give this beer a little weight. The finishing bitterness is strong but it doesn’t lean into pith qualities.

There are no soda pop elements. There are no fruit skin bitterness notes. It’s just…an outstanding beer.

I have to say: I’m really, really impressed. If THIS Is what hazy IPAs were, I’d probably drink a lot more of them. I am a bit shocked: after spending the last 18 months being incredibly disappointed with almost every hazy IPA I had, this is delightful.

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