Front Porch Chats #49/SEcond Pint PAI

Sometimes, a series of words is put together in such a way that I think to myself: well, I gotta know what this is about.

Such is the case with Asheville’s Dark Cherry Saison. I just had to know what that was about.

The nose has a tart cherry quality, and…well, it overwhelms the beer. It isn’t bad, but a Flemish Red ale would have similar tartness and offer me a little chocolate or sweetness, too.

Asheville Dark Cherry Saison in glass on table outdoors.

This just gives me cherry. I’m not sorry I tried it; it is mostly what they said it would be, right? But I cannot pick up any citrus or peppery qualities, the cherry is just too strong.

There’s a wind blowing from the South and it’s giving me a chill, which means I don’t want to be out on the porch right now. Then again, I never wanted to be out on the porch but…we do what we must.

There’s a list of must things that need to be done, I suppose. Setting the minimum wage to $31/hr would be one.

We’re going to be lucky if we get $15 out of an “elite” class that doesn’t know the price of a loaf of bread, and people are going to needlessly suffer because of it.

Needless suffering seems very on brand for 2021. The right wing of this country is going full Nazi cult and money seems perfectly happy to support it. If anyone was ever about needless suffering, it’s the Nazis. And if money was ever about anything, it was almost certainly about needless suffering.

I don’t expect changes to happen overnight but…it is demoralizing to see such political cowardice from the Democratic leadership, in particular.

Biden has no elections left to win, so why is it important to compromise with people who are out to crush democracy as we know it?
Why is it important to coddle Nazis?

I want to know why the apparent leader of the nation doesn’t seem to have a dream big enough for it?

We deserve better than this and while it isn’t a problem that we have to fight for it, it would be better if we felt like someone with the authority to go after these grifting goosesteppers and violent dickheads was doing that job.

I mean look at this. What batshit reality have we stepped into? I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the criminals responsible for the state we’re in be held to task.

Today’s second pint is going to the People’s Advocacy Institute, for the work they’re doing trying to ensure people in Mississippi can get water.

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