Front Porch Chats #46

Said my goodbyes to a friend today, who’s moving the east coast soon. Life still goes on, even during the pandemic, even post insurrection shockwave.

Block 15 stout with raspberries; Love Potion #9

Have a Block 15 stout made with raspberries, here: Love Potion #9. It tastes like candy, right through the coffee tinged finish. You know the kind you’d get in a box of chocolates that, when you bite into it, has a pink frilly center. Not bad…but definitely a sometimes beer.

Bailey’s Taproom also closed for good this week.

It’s going to be that kind of year, I believe; one where a lot more mourning than celebrating happens.

Hell, it’s the Super Bowl as I write this-we should all be celebrating it at home. But that ain’t how ‘Murika rolls….


I’m glad for my friend: he’s going to get a new adventure! I’m sorry to see him go. One less person to hang out with, when hanging out becomes a thing again.

There is…no upside to Bailey’s closing that I am aware of. It was a really great bar, and I will miss it. I already do. I started this blog at Bailey’s, and it functioned as a second home for my writing.

I’m deeply sorry it is gone.

I’m sorry my friend feels the need to uproot himself, too. But at least in his case, I can be happy.

So that’s what we’re going to do today; be happy for what we can be.

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