Front Porch Chats #32\Second Pint

Think Again IPA from Chainline

Think Again is the name of this West Coast style IPA from Chainline brewing. While it’s got some tropical notes-I think I get kiwi and tangerine in there, the Think Again also has a solid bite on the finish. Bring me some brats to pair with this and I’m all set.

I like it, is where I’m going with all that.

It occurs to me that this beer is the descendent of Sierra Nevada’s Pale ale. Not directly, of course, but karmically, spiritually, if you will.

Just as I am the descendent of John Coltrane and Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. James Baldwin and Stephen King, Sally Yates and Marsha P Johnson.

I come from a place that mapped DNA and sent people to the Moon. Who decided, eventually, (sometimes too long after they should’ve) that they weren’t going to be who or what they were told, but who or what they imagined. And they were going to imagine a better world than what they were given.

Whose heroes include anyone and everyone from Mister Rogers to Muhammad Ali. From Steve Rogers to Kamala Khan.

I don’t need you to understand every reference I make. What I need you to understand is that America is at its best when it includes, not excludes. When it embraces the expansive notion of humanity, not when it clings to the old.

I know America is a failing place. In some ways, it always has failed it’s ideals, but these days that darkness has risen higher than ever. The failures want to overshadow what good we have and can still do.

But I also know that we have it in us to imagine it, and ourselves, better. That our perfect doesn’t have to be the enemy of our good-so long as we keep striving for the perfect.

I have been fortunate to meet a diverse group of people in my life, and I firmly believe that America is as much for them as it is for me. If it isn’t, there there really isn’t an America. No ideal that we now share.

My die has been cast. Now, we hope. And damnit, we count all the votes. The alternative…well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Let’s not just be who we are, but also, even if for a moment, more than that-what we imagine in our best hopes. Let’s be who Springsteen thinks we can be, and not who Trump is sure we are. And let’s fight like hell for it.

Better. We deserve it.

Today’s second pint goes to the People’s Parity Project.

Finally: fuck you, Donald Trump.