Front Porch Chats #36/Second Pint OFB

As of writing, it’s Thanksgiving and I hope that everyone is staying safe today. The data doesn’t suggest that people are staying home, but…nevertheless, I wish everyone well.

Great Divide Yeti imperial stout on table

I’m having a Yeti from Great Divide that’s been kept in whiskey barrels and it is about as dangerous a beer as you could ask for. 10% ABV but that quality doesn’t announce itself up front.

There is an alcohol heat, lingering on the middle of my tongue but if it wasn’t for that, the nose (chocolate and coffee) and the flavor-strongly of cocoa-would leave a less suspecting person leveled. As the beer warms up, that warmth diminishes, too, increasing the chance that someone might not be ready for the intensity of this stout.

As it stands, I don’t have anywhere to go today, (something I am thankful for) so I feel safe drinking this.

And this holiday, I am specifically thinking of the humility of gratitude.

Because I believe that if you’re truly grateful, you have to be humbled by that. It doesn’t take much to turn a life around-for good or for ill-and I am doing better than many. So many things that I have gotten that I didn’t even know I was getting, or required, and yet….here I am.

Others have less, through no fault of their own. Just because we haven ‘t decided to make a better world, really.

So what I do have: shelter, readers, a very strong beer, a body that mostly functions, a little extra cash, family & friends who look out for me…these are things that, considering the immense benefits, I have not had to do commensurate work for.

That’s humbling.

I’m thankful for those things, and with that knowledge, continuing to dedicate my efforts towards a more just world. However small those efforts are, I humbly make them, in hopes that they contribute to that larger whole, that More Perfect Union we all deserve.

Today’s second pint goes to the Oregon Food Bank.

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