Cream Tea Ale

Cream ale with tea

This one…is a weird one.

The nose has an herbal quality and the flavors are, unfortunately, dominated by the tea-in this case there’s a cinnamon quality that really overrides most everything.

But it isn’t spicy and it isn’t undrinkable. It’s got a nice dry finish and the tannins from the tea haven’t made it bitter.

However, it doesn’t play nice with other flavors. Most beer you can have with some kind of food and this one, not so much.

This is one of those corner case beers that isn’t bad but maybe I shouldn’t’ve made an entire batch of it.

Brew date: 8/8/20

Steeping grains
4 lb Pilsner malt
3 lb Two Row
1 lb honey

Fermentables: 3 lb ExLME

1.5 of Hallertau & .5 oz Pallisade @60
.5 oz Pallisade & Hettenaur @5
1 oz black tea blend @ flameout

Yeast: Imperial Tartan (2nd use)

OG: 1.059

FG: 1.019

Bottled 8/15

ABV: 5.4%

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